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Accelerating Results Through Collaboration

Governance for Innovation

Governance is determining how the innovation environment is established. It is the highest order of abstraction in a project and is almost always the domain of general managers. It encompasses the policies, guidelines and reward system that enables the business to be successful. Download

Using Metrics to Drive Change

Every decision you make results in change: change in strategy, tactics, how resources are allocated, how you spend your budget and your time. How you set goals and reward performance has everything to do with how well and how fast you can initiate change in your organization. Download

Leading Change

When you innovate, you change. Bringing your organization along can make the difference between success and failure. This summary of best practices offers practical approaches to making and leading the change process. Download

Flip Your Meetings!

By flipping meetings you can make time spent in the office more engaging and productive. In this white paper we discuss recent trends in the workplace, how much time meetings eat up during the regular workweek, and how lessons from the flipped classroom can be used to increase productivity and job satisfaction. Download

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